Lake Park High School hosted a joint Gala Concert celebrating international understanding

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Lake Park High School and Helene-Lange-Gymnasium of Hamburg, Germany held a joint Gala Concert celebrating international understanding.  The concert took place in the West Campus auditorium of Lake Park High School, 500 W. Bryn Mawr, Roselle, Illinois, 60172, on Wednesday, March 06, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. as part of the two schools’ music exchange.

The concert featured the choirs and bands in solo and combined performances.  The program  included classic and pop repertoire in both English and German and reflected the theme of international understanding as the ensembles completed their three year music exchange program.

The group of students and teachers from Helene-Lange-Gymnasium of Hamburg, Germany visited Chicago as part of the exchange program with Lake Park High School from February 26, 2013 until March 12, 2013.

Lake Park High School of Roselle and the Helene-Lange-Gymnasium of Hamburg, Germany have been sister schools for seventeen years.  In that time, the partner schools have participated in three week bi-annual student exchanges, teacher visits, and a music exchange. The Hamburg – Chicago student exchange program consist of three week visits in the fall to LPHS by HLG and in the summer by Lake Park to Hamburg.  Students and staff attend classes, visit cultural sites, attend fine arts events, and visit historical sites in each host city.  Students are housed in host families and attend classes and events at the host school.  HLG, typically, is in Roselle for Lake Park’s Homecoming Festivities and LP is in Hamburg for HLG Abitur and end of term events.  This affords each visiting school the opportunity to see unique features of each other’s educational systems.

The sister school program is not limited to students studying language.  Teachers from both schools have visited their colleagues as a group to observe classes and attend educational meetings.  Three teacher visits have taken place to date.  A delegation from HLG visited LP to celebrate its 50th Anniversary celebration in 2006 and a delegation from LP attended HLG’s 100th Anniversary celebration in 2010.  The LP choir and band also visited HLG in June of 2010 as part of a music exchange and to perform at a Gala Concert in celebration of HLG’s 100th Anniversary.