OSAKA: Tōhoku Tomo Film Screening

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Tōhoku Tomo is a Kickstarter-funded documentary film telling the story of true friendship and commitment to Japan’s recovery by the international community following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Countless people dropped what they were doing and dedicated themselves to Japan’s recovery. Many of them even took it upon themselves to establish non-profit organizations aimed at connecting with and rebuilding Tōhoku and its communities. At the core of all these organizations are individuals—people connected and committed to the Tōhoku region. These founders and volunteers are true friends of Tōhoku. They are, in Japanese, Tōhoku Tomo. For more information, visit

Production Team
• Wesley Julian – Director & Producer
• Daniel Martin – Associate Producer & Translation
• Elizabeth Gordon – Associate Producer & Screenwriter
• Philip Holbrook – Director of Photography
• Tim Schraeder – Design & Marketing
• Overcoast Music LLC – Music & Sound Design

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Tōhoku Tomo is being screened in association with the photographic exhibition 絆 Kizuna 3: Unbroken Circle, presented by the Osaka Committee of CSCI.

Tohoku Tomo 東北友 – Teaser from Tohoku Tomo on Vimeo.