Chicago Top Ranked in Cities of Opportunity Global Study

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Last week, PricewaterhouseCoopers published its sixth edition of Cities of Opportunity, a study that analyzes the trajectory of 30 cities, all capitals of finance, commerce and culture, and looks at what makes them successful and resilient. Chicago was ranked among the top 10 global cities, and scored well on a number of indicators, including becoming the second most affordable city globally. Additional Chicago highlights include (detailed rankings follow map, below):
  • Ranked in the top 10 overall
  • Received top 10 scores in 7 of 10 indicator categories and in over a third of the variables
  • Moved up seven places to become the 2nd most affordable city globally, just behind Los Angeles
  • Ranked 1st in hospitals and health employment, Chicago ties London and Singapore for 6th place in health, safety and security overall
  • In sustainability, Chicago rose six places from 2012 to 7th place- Chicago’s improvement from 18th was “the most impressive advance by far” in this category
  • Surpassed New York to tie San Francisco for 3rd place in air quality
  • Improved on 2012 scores in ease of doing business, coming in 7th place overall (tied with San Francisco), and performed well in several related variables including employee regulations (3rd), entrepreneurial environment (4th), and ease of starting a business (6th)
  • Tied with New York for 10th place in terms of demographics and liveability
  • Outperformed New York in quality of life, ease of commute and traffic congestion

Detailed Rankings

Chicago Overall Rank of 30 cities globally: 10th

Selected Categories (of 10 total) where Chicago Ranked 10th or Better:

  • Cost: 2nd
  • Health, safety, and security: 6th
  • Ease of doing business: 7th
  • Sustainability and natural environment: 7th
  • Intellectual Capital and Innovation: 9th
  • Technology readiness: 9th
  • Demographics and livability: 10th

Selected Variables (of 59 total) where Chicago Ranked 10th or Better: 

  • Hospitals and health employment: 1st
  • Digital economy: 2nd
  • iPhone index: 2nd (measures the working hours required to buy an iPhone 4S 16GB. Price of the product divided by the weighted net hourly wage in 15 professions)
  • Air pollution: 3rd
  • Employee regulations: 3rd
  • Entrepreneurial environment: 4th
  • Productivity: 4th
  • Purchasing power: 4th
  • Ease of commute: 5th
  • Cost of business occupancy: 6th
  • Ease of starting business: 6th
  • Financial and business services employment: 6th
  • Resolving insolvency: 6th
  • World university rankings: 6th
  • Operational risk climate: 7th
  • Public transport systems: 7th
  • Quality of living: 8th
  • Software development and multimedia design: 10th

Source: PWC Cities of Opportunity, 2014