Gothenburg May Programs

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The Gothenburg Committee of CSCI produced three programs throughout May, including facilitating a student exchange from Gothenburg to Chicago, presenting a concert at the Swedish American Museum and hosting a sustainability delegation from Sweden.

Student Exchange
Nine students and four teachers from Svartedalsskolan in Gothenburg, Sweden visited Alessandro Volta Elementary School from May 3-10. The program was facilitated by the Gothenburg Committee of CSCI and is part on an ongoing school exchange. The visiting group of students performed at the various locations, engaged in educational programs and various cultural activities. In addition, Principal Lena Naperotti of Svartedalsskolan in Gothenburg participated in meetings regarding crime prevention and school violence.

Concert Performance
The Gothenburg Committee of CSCI presented a special evening on May 9 at the Swedish American Museum with music by teachers and students from Svartedalsskolan, located outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. The students performed traditional Swedish spring songs. There also was a brief presentation about a new musical “The Dream of a Better Life” by Roger Bodin, director of Emigranternas Hus (the House of Emigrants) in Gothenburg, followed by a performance of selections from the musical.

“The Dream of a Better Life” is about a couple who emigrated in 1927 by boat from Gothenburg to New York and came to Chicago. Musically, it’s Swedish folk music meets American jazz and blues. It was created by the Emigrants’ House in Gothenburg, the group Wavemakers and the Charles Unger Experience. The musical will be performed when Gothenburg celebrates 400 years in 2021. This is will be the first time portions of the musical will be performed in the United States. This event was cohosted with the Swedish American Museum.

Sustainability Delegation
• Pernilla Rydeving, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Gothenburg
• Yvonne Wennerström, International Officer, City of Gothenburg

As the first ever international participant, Pernilla Rydeving, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Gothenburg was invited to speak at GreenTown Chicago on Thursday, May 22, 2014. During this session, representatives from the Embassy of Sweden, Business Sweden and the City of Gothenburg discussed the innovative Swedish SymbioCity sustainability planning approach, which provides a conceptual framework to sustainable urban development, along with case study examples from Gothenburg of how the approach has been successfully applied.

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