Recent Lucerne Artist Studio Exchange Highlights

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For over ten years, Chicago and Lucerne have worked together on artist exchanges between the two cities. The aim is to develop professional artist collaborations and to strengthen the relationship between Chicago and Lucerne. The Lucerne Committee of CSCI has hosted numerous professional artists of various disciplines at its unique artist-in-residence program, the Lucerne Artist Studio in Chicago. In return, Chicago artists are hosted in residence in Lucerne, as well.

Currently, Swiss artist, photographer and filmmaker Ralph Kühne is in residence at the Lucerne Artist Studio in Chicago through late July. In addition, former artist-in-residence and saxophone player Chistopher Erb performed at Elastic to promote his new album Yuria’s Dream. For more about Yuria’s Dream and other CDs by Erb, please visit

From April 16–20, three artists who were in residence at the Lucerne Artist Studio in Chicago presented an exhibition of their work created while in Chicago at the exhibition Chicago Views in Lucerne. The work of Arno Troxler, Philipe Burrell and Michelle Kohler jointly showed the positive outcomes of this ongoing artist exchange between the two cities.