PRAGUE: Eggnoise Concert in Millennium Park

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MPark Prague 2

As part of Prague Days Chicago, the Prague Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International and the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Chicago present a performance by Eggnoise.

Formed in 1994 by singer-songwriters Ondra Kopička and Ondřej Galuška, Eggnoise puts its own stylistic trademark on grunge, punk, rock, jazz and pop. Its albums feature a centrifugal tendency that allows the band to move into various approaches to music while maintaining their own singular sound. The band’s live performances throughout Europe are known for high energy and humor. The band has performed with such artists as dEUS, the Levellers, and Longital. Songs by Eggnoise are a part of the soundtrack to a popular Czech film the Holy Quaternity, including the hit “Co je moje je i tvoje” (What is mine is yours too). The Chicago concert during Prague Days will be part of the “Downtown Sound” series.

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