CASABLANCA: Engaging Disengaged Youth: An Ongoing Dialogue Between Chicago and Casablanca

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Dominican University’s Graduate School of Social Work, Chicago Sister Cities International and the International Social Work Exchange Program are sponsoring social service delegates from Casablanca, Morocco from July 25-August 1. The purpose of the exchange is to explore how social service providers in Chicago and Casablanca are engaging youth at risk of joining gangs and extremist groups.

This exchange is the first of an ongoing dialogue between the two cities on similar social issues that each is experiencing. As part of this dialogue, delegates from Chicago will be visiting Casablanca in 2016. The culmination of the 2015 Casablanca–Chicago Social Services Exchange is a symposium in which the delegates from Casablanca and their Chicago counterparts share their observations of the similarities and differences in their efforts to engage disaffected youth, along with recommendations for future action in our sister cities.

The symposium proposes to examine current efforts to reach out to disengaged youth in our sister cities. The similarities and differences between the work of social services providers will be analyzed with a view toward creating more effective diversion efforts in Chicago and Casablanca. Please join us for this dynamic social service exchange.


  • 9:00 Introductions and Welcome
  • 9:15 Panel presentation (2 from USA, 2 from Morocco). Theme: Current societal views of youth and young persons.
  • 10:15 Break and move to breakout rooms
  • 10:30 Discussion: Topic to be determined by the content of the panel presentations. All groups will consider the same topic
  • 11:30 Breakout groups present results of discussion.
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 1:00 Panel presentation (2 from USA, 2 from Morocco). Theme: Engagement of Youth in Productive rather than Non-productive or Destructive Activities.
  • 1:30 Move to breakout rooms. Discussion: Topic To Be Determined By the Panel Discussion In the Afternoon Session.
  • 2:30 Break
  • 2:45 Breakout groups present results of discussion.
  • 3:30 Summary of the day
  • 3:45 Way forward and conclusion
  • 4:00 Adjournment