Traditional Korean Paper Art Exhibition Workshop and Opening Reception

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The Busan Committee is a sponsor to an exhibition and workshop hosted by the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago featuring contemporary art made of traditional Korean handmade paper (hanji). Made from mulberry trees, hanji is smooth, translucent, shiny, permits ventilation, and is extremely durable. An old saying states that “silk can last five hundred years, yet Korean paper can last over a thousand years.”

Six award-winning hanji artists are traveling from South Korea to Chicago seeking to share information about the use of this traditional paper in art, to exhibit contemporary artworks made of hanji, and encourage American artists to learn about hanji making and the potential for this material in a variety of artworks. After a lecture on Hanji making, the artists will host a workshop to demonstrate how to create Hanji paper.

Free and open to the public. RSVP’s not required.

If you are unable to attend the workshop and opening reception on the 12th, you can still visit the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago’s gallery September 12-22 to view the artworks.