Kathleen Borland Named CSCI Volunteer of the Year

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Kathleen Borland, Chair of the Social Services Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International (CSCI), has been chosen to receive the Fourth Annual CSCI Volunteer of the Year Award. Kathleen was selected by CSCI for her work in leading 2017’s Social Services Conference, which brought social services professionals from around the world to Chicago for the conference and exchanges. She has shown leadership, talent, passion, enthusiasm and tenacity in promoting the work of CSCI locally and abroad.

The award recognizes a CSCI volunteer committee member who has played an important role in furthering CSCI’s mission to promote Chicago as a global city, developing international partnerships and networks, and sharing best practices through citizen-to-citizen connections.

Kathleen will receive the award at the 2017 Chicago Consular Corps Gala on December 8 at the Hilton Chicago.