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    World in a Weekend

    Athens Participated in the “World in a Weekend” at the Chicago Cultural Center.

    Dance Africa

    Dance Africa presented an array of talented dance companies from the African Diaspora. The Accra Committee sold tickets to benefit the Accra Committee.

    Doing Business in Ghana

    Members of the Accra Committee presented the seminar, “Doing Business in Ghana” at the World Trade Center.

    Chicago-Accra 1995 Trade and Investment Opportunities

    The Accra Committee and World Trade Center Chicago sponsored “Chicago-Accra 1995 Trade & Investment Opportunities,” a symposium for Chicago’s first trade mission to Accra. Panelists included the commerce counselor of the Ghanaian Embassy, the regional director of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the executive director of the African-American Institute in Washington, D.C.

    A “Poem for Accra” Literary Competition

    A “Poem for Accra” literary competition, in collaboration with Neutral Turf, encapsulated the theme, “Poetry Without Borders.” The winning Chicago poet, Tyehimba Jess, traveled to Accra. His winning poem was “election day: u.s. of a. – u. of s.a.”

    Sister City Signing Agreement between Chicago and Accra

    Former Mayor Mensah of Accra visited Chicago in March 1988 to begin discussions with city officials on establishing a Sister Cities relationship. Prior to signing the Sister Cities agreement, the International Division of the Department of Economic Development sent a consultant to Accra in the summer of 1988 to determine opportunities for economic development and…

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