Athens Committee Sponsor Greek Mural

As part of the CTA “Adopt-a-Station” program, the Athens Committee sponsored the “Ithaca” mural by Eleni Glinou of Athens. The mural was installed at the Halsted Street Station, which is located on the south boundary of Greektown.

Athens Committee Sponsor Telecommunications System

The Athens Committee of CSCI sponsored the telecommunications system that was established between Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and Aghia Sophia Hospital in Athens. Both Mayors Daley and Avramopoulos attended the inauguration of the system.

CSCI Accra Committee Visit Ghana

The First Lady of Accra, Mrs. Aurora Nuno-Amarteifio, welcomed members of the Accra Committee and personally conducted a cultural tour of Ghana. Committee members produced a video about their experiences in Ghana.

DePaul University Faculty Members Exchange

The Accra Committee provided technical assistance for an exchange of faculty members from DePaul University. Two DePaul faculty members traveled to Ghana to plan a student and study seminar which took place in Ghana in December 1996.

Ghanian Coffin Exhibit Reception

The Accra Committee hosted a reception for the opening of the Ghanaian coffin exhibit at the Cultural Center. The exhibit featured hand-crafted fantasy coffins created by artisan Kane Quaye.

10th Annual International Children’s Festival

Under the aegis of the Ghana National Theater, six children, winners of a national Ghanaian toymaking competition, traveled to Chicago from Accra to participate in the 10th annual International Children’s Festival sponsored by the Chicago Children’s Museum. They were hosted by the Accra Committee, Columbia College, and the Chicago Children’s Museum. The children and their…

CSCI Accra Committee Aids in Book Donation

With the cooperation of Mayor Nat Nuno-Amarteifo and the Kimbu Middle School, the Accra Committee coordinated the collection and shipment of 25,000 donated books and educational materials to Accra for use in a citywide mobile library program.

Mayor of Ghana Visited Chicago

Mayor Nat Nii Amar Nuno-Amarteifio visited Chicago in September; he met with city officials and explored trade and investment opportunities with several members of the Chicago business community. The Accra Committee hosted a reception in his honor.

Accra Committee Coordinated Flood Relief Efforts in Accra

The Accra, Ghana metropolitan area was devastated by flash flooding which displaced 100,000 residents of the city and surrounding communities. The Accra Committee coordinated relief efforts with the United States Embassy in Accra that resulted in immediate shipment of needed medical supplies and children’s clothing to Accra.

Accra Committee Helps Sell Tickets to Dance Africa, 1995

Dance Africa presented an outstanding array of talented dance companies from Ghana. A portion of tickets to the event were sold by the Accra Committee and proceeds supported the shipping of relief supplies to Accra for the benefit of thousands left homes lost in the wake of the devastating flood during the summer.

Mayor of Accra Visit to Chicago

The Honorable Nat Nii Amar Nuno-Amarteifio, Mayor of Accra visited Chicago from August 20-24, 1994. The Mayor toured Chicago and met with several city officials and business people, including John H. Johnson, publisher of Johnson Publications. He also viewed the Field Museum’s Africa exhibit and attended services at the Ghanaian Community Church Augustana Lutheran.