Casablanca, Morocco


Sister City since 1982

Chicago and Casablanca signed an official Sister Cities agreement in 1982. Since that time, the Casablanca Committee of Chicago Sister Cities has worked with their dedicated counterparts in Morocco to strengthen the bonds between the two cities through cultural, educational, and economic projects. The July 2005 Pew Global Attitudes report credited the Chicago/Casablanca Sister Cities International Program with an unprecedented achievement in public diplomacy. Favorable attitudes by Moroccans towards the United States rose 22 percent in 2005, making them higher in that country than in any other Muslim country in the world, even allies like France, Germany and the Netherlands. Some of the many notable Casablanca Committee projects include “Chicago Week in Casablanca”, where 82 participants from Chicago carried out a multi-sectoral mission to Casablanca in 2004, including a medical component, city planning, business, volunteerism strengthening and educational component. In conjunction with Global Voices, the Committee traveled to Casablanca in 2007. Highlights of the trip include: a best practice exchange with the Cara Program; a park planning expert worked with city planners in Casablanca; and an sister school agreement was signed. Most recently, the Casablanca committee took a trip to Morocco in April of 2008. They donated $15,000 to the Sidi Moumen Cultural Center in Sidi Moumen, a low-income neighborhood in Casablanca. This center was created by Boubker Mazoz, President of the Casablanca Chicago Sister Cities, and serves the youth in the community with a computer center, tutoring, and a theater.

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Committee Co-Chair: Lisa Roberts
Committee Co-Chair: Julie Stagliano

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    Request for Proposal: STEAMuseum, Partner to Evaluate Pilot Project

    Chicago Sister Cities International is in the process of developing the pilot for the STEAMuseum, the first of ten projects funded by The Stevens Initiative. In the first wave of virtual exchange programs, students from sister cities Chicago, Illinois and Casablanca, Morocco will work together virtually to create a series of digital exhibits that will…


    Chicago Sister Cities International to Receive Grant from the Aspen Institute Stevens Initiative to Create Virtual Exhange between High School Youth in Chicago and Casablanca, Morocco

    CHICAGO SISTER CITIES INTERNATIONAL TO RECEIVE GRANT FROM THE ASPEN INSTITUTE STEVENS INITIATIVE TO CREATE VIRTUAL EXCHANGE BETWEEN HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH IN CHICAGO AND CASABLANCA, MOROCCO        CHICAGO, April 4, 2016 – The Aspen Institute Stevens Initiative today announced the award of a two-year grant to Chicago Sister Cities International, one of 10 new…

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    Inaugural Chicago-Casablanca Social Services Exchange

    Chicago Sister Cities International and its Casablanca Committee, Dominican University’s Graduate School of Social Work, IDMAJ and the International Social Work Exchange Program hosted seven social services delegates and an interpreter from Chicago’s sister city of Casablanca, Morocco from July 25-August 1. The exchange explored how social service providers in Chicago and Casablanca are engaging…

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    CASABLANCA: Engaging Disengaged Youth: An Ongoing Dialogue Between Chicago and Casablanca

    Dominican University’s Graduate School of Social Work, Chicago Sister Cities International and the International Social Work Exchange Program are sponsoring social service delegates from Casablanca, Morocco from July 25-August 1. The purpose of the exchange is to explore how social service providers in Chicago and Casablanca are engaging youth at risk of joining gangs and…