CAF French Language Tour: Historic and Modern Skyscrapers

  • Meet at the CAF Shop and Tour Center (224 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago)

Offered by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, this French language tour visits both historic and modern skyscrapers. It traces the history of tall buildings from the 19th-century to the present, with considerations of the Chicago School, Art Deco, Modern, Postmodern and contemporary architecture. French influence on Chicago’s architecture will also be discussed.

Tour is two hours; $20; free for CAF members; tickets can be purchased in advance at

This event is part of the official celebration of the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Chicago and Paris, taking place from October 7–16, 2016 throughout Chicago. To learn more about other associated events, visit

Tour en Français des gratte-ciel historiques et modernes du centre de Chicago. Ce tour, en français, comprend des gratte-ciel historiques et modernes. Pour tracer l’histoire de ces bâtiments nous commençons par des monuments classés du XIXème siècle et terminons avec un gratte-ciel de ce siècle. Vous découvrirez divers mouvements architecturaux tels que la Chicago School of Architecture, l’Art Déco et les styles Moderne, Postmoderne et contemporain. Nous vous indiquerons l’ influence que la France a eue sur l’architecture de Chicago.