FLOW/Im Fluss Light Installation

  • 05:00 PM
  • 171 N. Dearborn in Couch Place Alley, Chicago


FLOW/Im Fluss is a site-specific light installation in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the sister city relationship between Chicago and Hamburg by Luftwerk from Wednesday, September 17 through Saturday, September 20, 2014, 5 pm to midnight at 171 N. Dearborn in Couch Place Alley, Chicago.

Inspired by the element of water and its all-encompassing connectivity, Luftwerk’s FLOW/Im Fluss visualizes the characteristics of the Chicago River and Hamburg’s River Elbe through video compositions projected on water screens.

Based on scientifically collected measurements like oxygen levels, currents, contamination and chemical compounds, FLOW/Im Fluss interprets data from the two rivers to create a visual experience. The projected video will illuminate screens made of water—inviting viewers to immerse themselves into the flow of data collected from both rivers.

Traces for trumpet, radio, speaker, objects and tape feeds by Birgit Ulher; musical performances in Couch Place Alley every evening of this project.

FLOW/Im Fluss is made possible by the Goethe-Institut Chicago and Chicago Loop Alliance, in collaboration with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

For more information, visit goethe.de.

The principle of all things is water; all comes from water, and to water all returns. (Thales of Miletus)