Kyiv Committee at 2017 Soldier Field 10 Mile Run

  • 07:00 AM
  • Soldier Field, Chicago


Please join the Kyiv Committee for the 2017 Soldier Field 10 Mile Run on Saturday morning, May 27, 2017, to honor America’s military and to raise funds to support the rehabilitation of Ukraine’s troops.

Join the “50 for 50” team:  The “50 for 50” team  seeks to assemble a team of no fewer than 50 runners and 50 financial contributors to raise $50,000 for the new School of Rehabilitation Medicine of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine (via the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation)

Contributions from this fund raising effort will be earmarked for the rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian military personnel.

For those who prefer to support a local cause, please make a donation to support basic operational requirements of St. Nicholas Cathedral School ( in its mission to educate new grade school age immigrants and other residents in the Ukrainian Village of Chicago developing productive and ethical members of our society.


Runners should register at to take advantage of a discounted rate and to be formally grouped with our “50 for 50” running team:

  • At the checkout screen click “Use Coupon”
  • Enter: “17KYIVSF10” and click “Apply Coupon”

You are encouraged to register by Friday, April 14, 2017 to secure the discounted rate of $65.00.  The registration fee will increase to $79.00 from April 15 through May 7, 2017.

Please consider donating and/or raising funds in addition to your active participation as a runner.

 Important note about the fund raisingDonations will be pledged, registered, and collected independent of the aforementioned registration process.  Registering for the race does not automatically constitute a donation.  

Donation Guidance

If the 50 runners and donors each raise $500.00 we easily reach the $50,000 goal.  Please consider:

  • individually providing a donation that commemorates the “fifty”:   $50, $500, $5000 or anything lesser, greater or in between!
  • reaching out to your network (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) to join the cause by running and/or contributing
  • sponsoring the tent (at the race site) from which volunteers will greet service men and women, our runners, and guests who can learn about Ukraine’s current struggles defending its eastern front ($250)
  • sponsoring / underwriting the cost of the performance t-shirts ($2500)
  • reaching out or connecting the organizers to a local business to ask for a sponsorship and/or a match challenge (for example a business may offer to match the first $5,000 raised, or may match the first 50 donations, sponsor the t-shirts, etc.)

 Donors should contribute directly to either of the two charitable causes:

Instructions for donations to the School of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Ukrainian Catholic University

Please write checks or money orders to the “Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation” or to “UCEF” and mail to:

Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation
2247 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Or donate online:

Please note “50 for 50” in the memo information field of your check or online donation form.

Instructions for donations to St. Nicholas Cathedral School

Please write checks or money orders out to “St. Nicholas Cathedral School” and mail to:

St. Nicholas Cathedral School
2200 W. Rice St.
Chicago, IL 60622

Or donate online:

Please note “50 for 50” in the memo information field of your check or online donation form.

 Commemorative “50 for 50 Soldier Field 10 Mile” performance t-shirt: runners and donors will receive a commemorative t-shirt for their support. Further details to be given in late April or early May.

Please direct questions to