OSAKA: Mental Health & Social Care: An Intimate Look at Social Service in Japan

  • 07:00 PM
  • Northestern Illinois University, Student Union, Golden Eagles Room, 5500 N. Saint Louis Avenue, Chicago


The Osaka Social Services Subcommittee of Chicago Sister Cities International announces an opportunity to learn from the 2013 Chicago Social Service Delegation as they report on their experiences from the Social Services Exchange to Osaka, Japan.

Topics covered include:

  • Isolation versus engagement
  • Internalization versus externalization of symptoms
  • Stigmatized identities in Japan
  • The government’s influence in social services systems

Chicago Sister Cities International’s Social Services Exchange Program fosters relationships and sharing of best practices between Chicago and our sister cities in the ever evolving world of social service. In Chicago’s 3rd social service exchange with Osaka, Japan, 10 delegates traveled to Osaka in November 2013 to visit social care sites, meet with officials, learn new viewpoints and engage in discussions with Japanese social service professionals. Join us as the delegates share findings and insights from Japan. Learn how you can also participate in this exchange of ideas and best practices.