The Milan Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International presents Wings of Italy: Italian Aeropainting from 1910–1935, an exhibition with an outstanding selection of avant-garde posters by such artists and illustrators as Mario Sironi, Umberto di Lazzaro, Alberto Mastroianni, Luigi Martinati and many others, who captured the drama of flight and documented the unfolding saga of Italian aviation in images of exceptional beauty and power.


One of the earliest and most effective means of mass communication, the poster was the perfect medium through which to stimulate popular interest in the aeronautical endeavors and achievements of the day. Aviation began to develop in Italy around 1910, and by the end of the First World War, only Great Britain could boast greater aeronautical prowess. The inter-war years witnessed a tremendous expansion of civil aviation, as well as a number of record-breaking flights.

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Wings of Italy is presented by the Milan Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, and curated by Massimo & Sonia Cirulli Archive, New York. Support has been provided by the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, the American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit, the National Italian American Foundation, The Boeing Company, the Italian American Chamber of Commerce, Phil and Karen Stefani and other generous donors.